W.O.W. fundraiser for Cherish A Child

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Several hundred people gathered in the Ballymoney Church of God Youth Hall for another special event hosted by the W.O.W! Women of Worth team.

The hall had been totally transformed and the backdrop certainly set the scene for the for the night of family fun.

Everyone enjoyed coffee, tea and some tasty treats at the Coffee Evening and Cake Sale while sharing fellowship in a lovely relaxed atmosphere.

Many also appreciated the opportunity to purchase some home-made goodies.

There was lots of hand clapping and singing along with the catchy tunes as wonderful ‘inhouse’ puppeteers presented ‘Top of the Puppets’ which was set to Christian cover songs and produced by Pastor Jon Ogle.

Talented Church ‘actors’ and ‘actresses’ also took to the stage to bring an amazing performance of ‘Lark in the Ark’, (a questionably accurate rendition of Noah’s Ark!) which was directed by Louise Ogle. There was much laughter as the movers and shakers all played their parts with such enthusiasm.

It was truly a great night of fun and enjoyment for all the family.

Through this event the tremendous sum of £2,400 was raised for ‘Cherish a Child’ the Church’s community project developed to help respond to the specific needs of local children.

This Ministry Outreach works alongside various agencies to ensure that a real difference is made in the homes where it is most needed.

Once a need is identified suitable items are sourced. Throughout December many children have been blessed as a result of this initiative.