Volunteers needed for a collection in Ballymoney

Action Cancer is Northern Ireland’s leading cancer charity providing crucial lifesaving services to people living with cancer in the Ballymoney area.

The charity needs to raise £3 million in 2012 and all funds are spent in Northern Ireland. Action Cancer are holding a door-to-door collection between 18th and 24th February in the Ballymoney area and are appealing for local helpers. The charity would be interested in hearing from anyone who could help out, even if they can only spare an hour or two.

Kyla Stratton, Community Appeals and Development Officer said,

“Our local Ballymoney Action Cancer Group have been carrying out the door-the-door collection for a number of years, however, recently we have struggled to get volunteers. We would love to hear from anyone who could spare an hour or two of their time to help us collect locally during our fundraising week in February. Even an hour of your time would be greatly appreciated.”

Whether you have an evening to give or just an hour to spare, Action Cancer would love to hear from you. To volunteer or for some more information please call Kyla on 028 9080 3345 or email kstratton@actioncancer.org

Action Cancer is Northern Ireland’s leading local cancer charity working to save lives and support people affected by cancer in Northern Ireland.

It relies heavily on donations from the public and business communities in Northern Ireland to provide a range of vital, life-saving services including digital breast screening services (40-49 and 70+), men’s MOT health checks, counselling, complementary therapy, Listening Ear Service, health promotion and research. Services are available at Action Cancer House in Belfast and on our BIG BUS, which visits over 200 venues a year. For information on our services call 028 9080 3344.