VIDEO: Leaney PS celebrate World Book Day

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World Book Day on 6th March was celebrated in style at Leaney Primary School, Ballymoney.

The event was kicked off by a Book Fair the previous week at which over £1,800 worth of books was bought and enjoyed by children. This fantastic support by parents means the Leaney receives £1,000 worth of free books, which will support children’s learning and add to the books available for the Accelerated Reader programme, which has been introduced to the school this year.

HAPPY FACES. Pictured are Leaney PS pupils who dressed up for their World Book Day on Thursday.INBM11-14 010SC.

HAPPY FACES. Pictured are Leaney PS pupils who dressed up for their World Book Day on Thursday.INBM11-14 010SC.

In the run-up to the big day, the Leaney was being transformed. Doors in the school were changed into giant book covers by pupils, bookmarks and board games designed and stories written to be shared with friends.

On the day, there was a special World Book Day assembly and children dressed up as their favourite novel characters. Foundation Stage classes picked their favourite book and devoted the day to celebrating and enjoying it.

Older pupils shared books and stories with the youngest pupils. A book-tastic time was had by all!

But for the children at the Leaney, World Book Day isn’t just about one day of dressing up. The school is also taking part in Readathon, a two week charity event in which pupils are sponsored to read as many books as they can.

Even the youngest pupils are being sponsored to share and enjoy books with grown-ups! All money raised goes to four children’s charities – CLIC Sargent, Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, Readwell and Together for Short Lives. It is all part of the school’s drive to build an outstanding reading school.

Mr Magee, Literacy co-ordinator at the Leaney commented, “Reading is a vital skill. In 2002, the OECD stated that reading for pleasure is more important for children’s educational success than their family’s socio-economic status.

“However, research by the National Literacy Trust in 2012 showed that only three in ten children were reading daily in their own time. As a school we work, of course, on the basic skills of teaching reading, but more importantly, we emphasise the importance of enjoying reading and taking pleasure in books.”

A visit to the Leaney will show that the children are certainly embracing the love and enjoyment of reading, which will enhance their lives for years to come.