Verne and the Children of CAN Team-up to Bowl a Perfect Game

A group of young people from the North Antrim area had a once-in-a-liftime experience when they met one of the world’s top movie stars recently.

Verne Troyer was filming in Belfast for “Keith Lemon: The Movie” when he met with children from North Antrim’s charity CAN. Verne is a ambassador for the Best Buddies organization and is best known for his roles as “Mini me” in the Austin Powers series and as “Griphook the Goblin” in the Harry Potter series.

The Compass Advocacy Network or CAN is a service provider of activities and work opportunities for young people and adults with learning disabilities serving the Causeway Area of Northern Ireland.

While studying in Boston Linda McKendry, Manager of CAN, opened communication between Best Buddies of Massachusetts and CAN for potential partnership opportunities.

Linda explains how much of a surprise it was to find an email informing her that Verne was filming in Belfast and wanted to meet with the kids as a Best Buddy ambassador.

Verne met the children at Odyssey Bowl and followed with dinner. Emma Cummins (peer buddy) says, “Verne was really lovely and friendly. He talked to everybody and has such a BIG personality.” The children were very inspired by Verne and his life accomplishments.

CAN participant Jamie Lee talked about how spending time with Verne affected him by saying “Verne says anything is possible. He is different like me and when I hear all the things he has done, I now want to fab things as well.” Verne spent time with each one of the children individually and was warm and welcoming.

Linda, Manager of CAN, summed it up: “Verne may be small in stature but to these kids he is huge in terms of his fame, achievements in film, fun levels, personality but especially in terms of his heart as he showed amazing compassion and understanding of them all and they felt valued by him as individuals.

“I cannot thank Verne and his team enough for making tonight one to remember and one which the children will never forget.”