Vandals slammed by Moyle councillors

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VANDALS who left Moyle ratepayers with a tab for over over £2,500 have been slammed by councillors.

Moyle Council has been hit with one of their highest vandalism repair bills for quite some time.

All incidents between April 5 and June 7 have been reported to police but the Council said it will take over £2,500 to repair.

Incidents included the following:-

* April 18 - Mini Pillar, Bayview Road, Ballycastle - £1,000.

* May 6 - 46 boards pulled off fence at Cushendun Play area - £300.

* May 14 - Door on gents toilets at Waterfoot forced and needed to be replaced - £200.

* May 18 - Waterfoot carpark – six light poles damaged - £400.

* May 31 - Damage to Waterfoot toilets – fire started in gents toilets – pipes damaged, ducting damaged – 2 soap dispensers and handdryer damaged. Toilets had to be power washed because of fire - £500.

* June 3 - Ballycastle Beach – two life belts, two housings and one throw bag stolen - £280.

Cllr Catherine McCambridge (SDLP) said the level of vandalism to council equipment in recent times was “disappointing”.

Cllr Noreen McAllister (Sinn Fein) said she hoped to organise a public meeting about vandalism in Waterfoot “to let local people see how much it is costing ratepayers” and to state the stark economic facts of vandalism in “black and white” because the toilets in particular in the village are being vandalised on a regular basis.

Ulster Unionist councillor Joan Baird asked if the vandalism had been raised at Moyle District Policing Partnership.

Glens Independent councillor Colum Thompson said: “Some of this vandalism is due in part to a lack of facilities in the Glens” and Council Deputy-Chair, Ulster Unionist Sandra Hunter agreed.

DUP councillor David McAllister wished to congratulate the youth of Bushmills as no vandalism to Council property was reported there.

Ulster Unionist councillor Willie Graham said seats were stolen from the Ballycastle seafront area in recent weeks.