User worked crossing safely reminder to land owners and contractors

TRANSLINK along with the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland today reminded the owners of private railway crossings to keep themselves, their family and contractors safe this Spring as they issued a revised version of the dedicated safety information booklet, ‘The Safe Use of User Worked Crossings’.

Keith Pollock, Level Crossing Risk Coordinator, Translink said, “We have issued around 1000 copies of our safety information booklet to landowners who have crossings on their land.

“The issue of this booklet is the first stage of Translink NI Railways annual campaign to promote the safe use of private crossings. As well as this mailing, our safety team carries out visits to landowners and holds training for crossing users and communities. Translink has also started running safety initiatives for young farmers through CAFRE and YFCU, to educate them about the correct use of level crossings in both agricultural activity and as motorists and pedestrians.

“While the majority of users are responsible and use their private crossings correctly, we would ask them to remind suppliers and contractors visiting their premises of their safety obligations.”

Malcolm Downey, the Principal Inspector for Agriculture in HSENI said, “Safety on the farm has been at the forefront of the media on several occasions in the past year and the HSENI is working closely with the agricultural community to help them improve their day to day and long term working practices.

“Any activity that promotes the safety of farmers is to be commended and I would encourage landowners to avail of the help Translink is offering in making their farming activity safer.”

Keith went on to say, “During the past 11 months an additional 13 user worked crossings have been closed in agreement with the crossing owners; we have now only 99 user worked crossings on our active network, therefore reducing potential for misuse. Negotiations are currently on going with regards to further crossing closures in the coming months. At the crossings that remain around the network there has also been a significant reduction in the incidents of misuse; this is a clear indication that our safety message and safety initiatives are making a difference.

“We are always happy to discuss any issues at a crossing and would urge crossing users who require information or safety advice to get in touch with us on 02890 355444.”

Additional copies of “The safe use of user worked crossings’ are available from Translink by calling the number above and can also be downloaded at