‘Use your blue bin more often’ - call

BALLYMONEY councillors have praised a new scheme to encourage householders to use their blue bin more often.

During a recent Health and Environmental Services Committee meeting, members heard: ‘Recycling at home commenced in 2004 with the roll out of blue bins to all households. As technology and markets have developed, it has been possible to add to the four waste types (cans, card, paper and plastic bottles) initially accepted in the blue bin.

‘Previously, what can go in a blue bin has been communicated via leaflets produced and distributed to every household, press releases, advertising panels on refuse collection vehicles and a comprehensive recycling section on the Council website. To increase awareness further, a new bin sticker has been produced to illustrate the extended range of materials which can now be recycled. (Stickers were circulated for members’ information).

‘Since the beginning of September, stickers have been put on the lids of black/grey bins. The reasons for this are;

Not all blue bins are presented for emptying every fortnight.  Some householders who perhaps have smaller families, or live on their own, retain the bin for a month to ensure it is filled.

The sticker may serve as a reminder when householders go to put waste in their black bin.

It is hoped that the sticker will be informative and make householders aware of how much more useful blue bins are now, particularly with the addition of glass and plastic food containers.  Both these materials were previously significant sources of contamination in the blue bin.

 ‘This exercise is being well received by householders and it is anticipated that every household will have received their sticker by October.  This is a continuation of efforts to promote waste reduction and highlight the recycling options available within the Borough.

‘In response to Councillor Atkinson, the Director advised once this initiative had been delivered other measures would be initiated in a further phase of the campaign to reduce the amount of waste placed by residents in their ‘black’ bins and further improve recycling / diversion performance.’

In response Cllr John Finlay and Cllr Evelyne Robinson praised the scheme and urged householders to use their blue bin more.