Urgent plea from Bushmills historian on new book plans

Robert Thompson.
Robert Thompson.

Local historian, Robert Thompson, has praised the Times for helping him gain valuable information for a new book he plans to publish soon.

Mr Thompson appealed for local people to come forward with stories or photographs of their relatives who returned from the Great War of 1914-1918.

The Bushmills man who has compiled a number of books on conflicts, said there were upwards of 300 people who returned, some with horrific injuries or arms or legs missing.

“I need families to come forward with their stories of very brave men, ” Mr.Thompson said.

He added: “This appeal will probably be my last as I am hoping to have the book published by Christmas.”

A plea in our paper last month prompted locals to provide him with a number of stories. One lady from Balnamore called at his home at 9 Riverside Road and gave some information, but Mr Thompson says he forgot to get her address and telephone number.

“I need this lady to contact me again urgently and I would be grateful if she would. It would be of huge help.”