Underground Metallic LPG Pipework Initiative

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Over the coming months Ballymoney Borough Council will be working in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI). This partnership will focus on an initiative to increase the awareness of the risks associated with underground metallic pipework to the business owners (duty holders) located in the Borough.

Council aims to increase awareness of the dangers of underground metallic pipework corroding, allowing Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) to escape.

As part of this work, duty holders will receive a letter and an advisory leaflet on this issue from their current LPG supplier. In addition, officers from the Environmental Health Section and HSENI will be making arrangements for a Health and Safety Inspector to visit any premises, where underground pipework may be in place. The purpose of the visit will be to meet the user/employer in order to ensure that the appropriate steps are being taken to address any concerns.

Deputy Director of Borough Services, Bryan Edgar is encouraging all businesses in the Borough of Ballymoney to check for LPG pipework, he said: “The Council intends to increase awareness and understanding for businesses owners, ensuring they are aware of their responsibility to have their gas distribution in a safe condition.

“For the health and safety of employees and members of the public, business owners need to ask themselves – Are any parts of the LPG piping buried? Are any buried parts of the pipe work metallic? If they are, does the pipework lack effective corrosion protection along its entire length? If the answer is yes, to any of these questions you need to contact your current LPG supplier. I would recommend making contact with your LPG supplier to discuss the installation and to engage a competent Gas Engineer to implement an appropriate plan of action as necessary.”

All twenty-six District Council Environmental Health Departments in NI are working in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) on this initiative to raise awareness of risks associated with underground metallic LPG pipework.

For more information contact Environmental Health Officer, Anthony McCloskey at anthony.mccloskey@ballymoney.gov.uk or by phone on 028 2766 0257.