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Aprile Fool’s Dey an ither blethers

A wus jest switherin tae maesel aboot Aprile Fools Dey an aboot aa tha tricks that had bane plaed on mae doon tha years. Noo sae far on this tha furst dey o Aprile naeboady haes axted mae tae gae aff for a lang stan, ir sent mae for strippit paint but mine ye a niebor haes jest toul mae that heas awa tae Cuilren tae luk for 50 yerds shoreline.

As far as A kan fin oot Aprile Fools Dey gaes awa baak tae the 15 hunners. In Scotlan they wud caa ye an Aprile ‘gowk’ instead o a Aprile ‘fool’. Noo A think gowk is tha Scots name for a cuckoo an mine ye A hae bane caa’d a loc waur nir that in mae time. In France ye wud bae caa’d an ‘poisson d’Avril ‘ that manes April Fish. A wee bird toul mae that in tha toon tha ither dey a boady wus gane roon sellin tubes o elba grease at twa for tha price o yin but naeboady haes iver bane able tae show mae a tube o this, sae it micht hae jest hae bane a made up story bae someboady frae Bendooragh.

Noo awa baak in tha oulin deys in France they had a getherin caa’d a Festival o Fools an A wus jest wunnerin if wae cudnae houl yin wursels, maebae tha boys up in Stormont cud gie is a lead in this metter. Maebae wae cud set up a special school for foolery oot aboot tha Dry Erch am sure thaur wud bae a grant on tha go for that if ye had tha richt connections.

Hooiniver, that eneuch o mae ravins , am naw gantae stert settin maesel up as ony soart a smert alick on metters o a historic naeture.

On a mair sayerious note its graet tae see tha spring roon agen an tha hale countryside stertin tae shoot intae life agen. Tha burds ir stertin tae pair up an thinkin aboot haein big femelies an tha lake. Mine ye thaur wull shane bae naewhuar left for tha burds tae maak thaur biggins, for a tha trees an hedges wull bae saa’d doon for firin noo tha oil is sae dear.

Sae noo A suppose A hae sed eneuch aboot Aprile Fools Dey an a hope yese A hae a Happy Aister an in tha manetine, Keep it Ullans.

Tha Poocher Aprile 2011