UDR Memorial tablet unveiled in Ballymoney

Veterans of the UDR on parade in Ballymoney
Veterans of the UDR on parade in Ballymoney

A memorial tablet which honours the role played by the UDR was unveiled in Ballymoney this afternoon (Sunday, April 30).

Among those who attended the dedication was North Antrim MLA and TUV leader Jim Allister who said the ceremony highlighted the contrast between the IRA who, he said, ‘waged war on the community’ and the UDR who ‘stood against terrorism.’

TUV leader at the ceremony in Ballymoney

TUV leader at the ceremony in Ballymoney

He was speaking while republican supporters were staging a ceremony in Loughgall to mark the attack on the village’s police station which was foiled by an SAS undercover operation.

Mr. Allister said: “The Loughgall Terror Fest confirms again how interchangeable is the P O’Neill and M O’Neill persona of IRA/Sinn Fein.

“Why any unionist would grovel to get back into government with such an outfit and ensure wickedness in high places is beyond my comprehension.

“The IRA unit at Loughgall met their just deserts, with lives saved by the SAS bringing to an end their killing spree.

“In contrast to the Loughgall ghoulish glorification of terrorism, it was an honour this afternoon to attend the unveiling and dedication of the UDR memorial tablet at Ballymoney War Memorial.

“While the IRA waged war on the community, the UDR stood between us all and the murdering terrorists. IRA terrorists crept around in the dark with murder as their mission, but the security forces stood like men to defend the community. When they came face to face, as at Loughgall, justice prevailed.

“It is wholly appropriate that those from the UDR who paid with their lives should be rightly honoured and remembered on the War Memorial.”