TUV’s Blair thanks electorate

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TUV councillor William Blair has thanked the electorate for voting for him in the Causeway Coast and Glens Council ballot.

“It was a humbling experience for me to be present at the Count and discover that the number of First Preference votes had doubled since the last election,” he said.

In a statement to the Times, Mr Blair said: “Thanks goes to Audrey Patterson, election agent, who worked tirelessly for the party and the candidates. Much of Audrey’s work may be unseen but it was certainly not unnoticed. I would also like to thank our party leader, Jim Allister MLA, who took time from his hectic schedule to visit Ballymoney on a number of occasions during the election campaign.

“My gratitude is also extended to the local TUV team who joined me on the roads and streets of Ballymoney and the hinterland, canvassing in all weathers to ensure my election. My family were also instrumental in devoting significant time to pre election work on my behalf and to them I offer sincere thanks.

“There are 846 others I would also like to thank – those who gave me their First Preference votes. I was overwhelmed by the measure of support you gave me and I will dedicate the next five years to serving each and every one of you to the best of my ability. My thanks also to those who gave me their Second Preference votes.

“In a PR election, EVERY vote counts and it was a joy to note how you, the faithful electorate, ensured the maximum vote for the TUV by voting wisely.

“I must also pay tribute to my party colleague and fellow candidate, Jamise McIlhagga. Although Jamise did not get elected, she actually polled more First Preference votes than three other candidates who eventually were elected. For a first time candidate, Jamise did magnificently well and played a key role in maximising the TUV vote in the borough. I trust we will be hearing much more from Jamise in the future.

“In conclusion, could I thank everyone who gave me their support in whatever manner. As an elected representative, I will endeavour to do everything in my power to represent you with honesty and integrity. Locally, I will serve your needs and work for you on local issues and nationally, as a member of a growing party, I will fully support the leadership in their unequivocal stand against Republicanism and those who pander to them.

“Remember to call at our local office in Charles Street if there are any issues you need addressed or contact me via Facebook or at home if there is anything you need,” he concluded.