TUV demands action to fix Finvoy Park

CLLR Willie Blair.INBM5-12 9001F.
CLLR Willie Blair.INBM5-12 9001F.
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TUV Councillor William Blair has urged Ballymoney Borough Council to prioritise the neglected Finvoy Play Park and to address safety and accessibility concerns.

The children’s park has fallen into a state of disrepair and when Cllr Blair visited the site he discovered that it was inaccessible via the through-road which was flooded.

He said “I was recently contacted by residents from Finvoy explaining that their local play park presented a risk to any child that played in it.

“Residents complained that the equipment in the play park was rusted and that the ground is surfaced with coarse stones (which) could aggravate an injury if a child was to fall.

“On a visit to the site last Friday I discovered that the access road to the park was flooded. Not only would the flooding present a risk to any child attempting to access the park but it also impacting on an adjacent property.

“The through-road and the play park are severely neglected and the council must act urgently to ensure that the park is refurbished and the through-road appropriately serviced.”

Cllr Blair revealed that TUV leader Jim Allister MLA has already written to the council regarding the park and has explained that he hopes to avail of an opportunity to discuss the matter at a meeting of the council.