TUV announces Gaston as Westminster candidate

Timothy Gaston. INBM05-15S
Timothy Gaston. INBM05-15S

TUV has announced its poll-topping Bannside councillor, Timothy Gaston, will be its candidate in the Westminster election in North Antrim.

In last year’s local elections Cllr Gaston, to the consternation of the DUP, romped home at the top of the poll in the once perceived DUP stronghold.

Commenting on his selection Timothy Gaston, “It will be a great honour to be the TUV standard-bearer in North Antrim, where TUV is very much in the ascendancy, as more and more people come to recognise the worth of the stand and work of our MLA, Jim Allister, and our slate of councillors. TUV is seen as the alternative in North Antrim

“The status quo is not working. Stormont is a disaster. Westminster has become subservient to Brussels, unable to even control our own borders. Our hospitals, schools and front line services are all fighting for survival. Voting, again, for the local parties of government will bring more of the same. Voting TUV will shake things up.

“I want things to be better for us all. The tragic loss of quality jobs at JTI brings home the perilous economic situation and the urgency for Invest NI to fight for jobs for this constituency. Invest NI needs to realise Northern Ireland does not end at Glengormley. Thus as MP I would not tolerate the scandal that in the last 5 years Invest NI brought only 8 potential foreign investors to North Antrim, but 739 to the Belfast constituencies. We demand fair treatment.”

Cllr Gaston, a native of the Cullybackey/Glarryford area, has lived all his life in the constituency. He works as a Fire, Health & Safety Officer in the retail sector in Ballymena and is currently Leader of the TUV Group and Deputy Chair of the new Mid & East Antrim Council.

Commenting TUV leader and local MLA, Jim Allister, said, “Timothy Gaston is a winner. He famously topped the poll in Bannside in 2014. He works incredibly hard for his constituents. With youth and enthusiasm on his side he can do the same for all of North Antrim. Born and bred in the constituency he cares deeply about its prosperity and future. Timothy has already made his mark in council. His tireless energy on behalf of his constituents marks him out as a worker, not an absentee seen only at elections.

“By voting TUV on 7th May people will greatly strengthen my hand in continuing to take on the squander and failures of Stormont.

“The TUV vision is true democracy at Stormont - with voters permitted to change their government and have an Opposition; the UK ruling itself as a sovereign nation; and a fair deal in the provision and protection of frontline services.”

Ballymoney Councillor, William Blair, the Chairman of the North Antrim TUV Association, which selected Timothy Gaston, said, “TUV is very much looking forward to this election. TUV stands as the real alternative in this constituency, while disillusionment and disappointment with other parties is growing by the day. TUV is seen as the party that won’t roll over.”