Treasures found in donated suit to Drop Inn

DID you donate clothes to the Drop Inn Ministries last week?

Staff at the Drop Inn Ministries has found two pieces of ‘expensive’ jewellery and a set of keys in a gents suit donated to the Castlecroft shop.

Staff discovered the gold pocket watch and chain, wrist watch and set of keys in the handkerchief pocket of the grey stripe suit.

Manager of the Drop Inn, Edwina Chambers explained: “The bag of clothes were donated by an unknown person sometime last week and after emptying out the bag and hanging up the suit we searched the pockets and made the discovery.

“The suit seems a very expensive one. It’s grey man’s striped, size 40 inch. The items we found in the breast pocket and were a gold pocket watch with a gold chain, a very unusual wrist watch, which still works, with some initials inscribed inside plus a set of keys.

“For all we know the items may have been a kind donation to the Ministries however it is also a possibility that they were there without the person knowing - we are just unsure and would like to know one way or the other.”

If you know anything about the suit and ‘donated’ jewellery please call Edwina on 07749171862 or call into the shop at Castlecroft.