Translink warn about pedestrian trespass

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Young people are being reminded of the dangers of railway lines, after three incidents of pedestrian trespass in the past week.

The incidents occured on the Londonderry Line.

Ian Campbell, Head of Rail Operations, Translink said, “During school holidays, incidents of pedestrian trespass on the rail network unfortunately often increase.

“The network can look like a handy shortcut or a good place to play, but the risks are just not worth it.

“Since the beginning of July this year there have been 79 incidents of pedestrian trespass on the railway network, ranging from groups of youths loitering at railway halts and bridges and young children running across tracks, to older passengers using tracks as short cuts.”

The message is simple - don’t ever use the tracks as a shortcut or a playground and never try to beat the barrier at level crossings.”