Training for disengaged adults

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PeoplePlus NI have been awarded the contract for Building Employment through Education, an education-based initiative aimed at breaking the intergenerational transfer of disadvantage from parents with poor literacy, language and numeracy skills to their children.

Research indicates that low aspirations are transferred to children from parents due to the quality of the home learning environment. This coupled with parents’ own qualification levels are noted to be the most important background factors relating to a child’s attainment.

This project, delivered in partnership with education specialist company eye4education, aims to re-engage disengaged adults in the education process and to build opportunities for subsequent employment through education in order to reduce deprivation, increase skills and enhance employability.

PeoplePlus NI will be working with 20 schools (10 Primary and 10 Post-Primary) within the Northern SIF Zone to tackle issues such as educational underachievement, poverty, parental engagement, parenting support and employability, as well as delivering an exciting suite of lifelong learning courses in Moyle.

If you are interested, contact PeoplePlus NI at