Traditional Notes by Dick Glasgow

WELL, what do you know, we received a reply to "The Poocher's" wee rhyme from last week after all, and from none other than "Moggus Garrybogus".

After reading what Moggus has to say, if you feel provoked into a response, please send your rhyming slang reply to me at and I'll do my best to include your poem in future notes.

Before the rhyme from Moggus however, I have to tell you about a concert coming up this Thursday night in Ballybogey, featuring 'Charlie Gillen' and 'Scad the Beggars'. Charlie's fame as a reciter and composer of North Antrim Rhymes, has spread far and wide, especially since he won the "Bard o' Ballycarry" award, and I'm sure we are all hoping he will give us a wee rendition of the winning rhyme on The night.

Charlie is always first class entertainment, and this is going to be an ideal opportunity to see him on his hame turf.

Scad the Beggars, on the other hand, are a band o' musical vagabonds who delight in playing traditional music, mostly Scottish, on Fiddle, Harp, Mandolin, Banjo, Concertina, Guitar and Bodhran, and they also sing a bunch of traditional songs, again mostly Scottish.

The concert starts around 8pm and you can rent a seat for the occasion, for the meagre sum of 3.50. I understand there is also a good chance of a wee cup of tea and a bun, or two, at the break, which, all in all, sounds like a pretty good night out to me. Oh, but watch out for "Moggus Garrybogus" on your way over. See you there.

Another concert taking place this week, this time on Saturday night, down the road in Maghera, is being held in the club hall Slaughtneil, three miles from Maghera. The Impressive line up there includes Eleanor Shanley with Paul Kelly and Frankie Lane, Accordion king Mairtin O'Connor with Shame O'Dowd (of Dervish). Also on the bill will be Anne and Francie Brolly, plus, new all female group from Moneyglass - GREINE.

The concert starts at 8.30pm on Saturday, the 25th October in club hall Slaughtneil. For more details contact Joe Diamond Tel. - 796 43226 or e-mail

Moving on to Monday night. Don't forget that Co. Down singer / songwriter Brendan Monaghan will be making a very welcome return to the Black Nun Folk Club, on Monday the 27th of October.

This Black Nun gig, which will be in the usual venue, the Central Bar, Ballycastle, is part of a promotional tour,

to highlight Brendan's new album "precious time", which has been released on Roxon Records. Sound on the night will be in the usual, very capable hands of the very excellent "Festival Productions".

To find out more about Brendan, check out his website @

Our last guest, James Keelaghan, on the 13th of October, was a magnificent singer, all the way from Canada, who stunned the audience with numerous tunings on his beautifully hand made guitar, and that's before he even opened his mouth to sing. His wonderful rich, deep, full toned voice, which seemed to come from way down in his boots, and that, plus his rich Canadian accent, his amazing intros full of exotic sounding place names and his award winning songwritingensured that he went straight into our top three of favourite singers to visit the club over the last five years.

James Keelaghan has to come back again, we won't allow him not to, so next time round, don't miss his master class on the art of singing, songwriting, guitar playing and ease in front of an audience, he must be the most relaxed guest we have ever had, and Colum Sands has been with us, so that's saying something!

As some folk are now, quite rightly, taking advantage of this wee column to air their latest creations in words, with these recent rhymes flooding in, and I'm sure you are all enjoying them too. Let me remind you that the Black Nun Folk Club not only offers all you singer/songwriters the chance to see and hear quality artists from that genre, from all over the world - they have come from the USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, FRANCE, ISRAEL, SCOTLAND, ENGLAND AND IRELAND so far - but it also provides a first class sound system, and an appreciative, quality audience, for any local singer / songwriter to come alongand air his or her new musical creations in front of.

In other words, if you are coming to see Brendan Monaghan next Monday night, why not stick the guitar in the boot, and give us a couple of your own songs during the first half's open Mic session.

Meanwhile, back at the Bog....

The Puma's Tail - or Tale?

Just a few lines from the "Puma" hoping this finds you all well,

Just lately all this attention has this Puma's nerves shot to hell,

It started one idyllic evening as I went for a stroll 'as you do',

Alas ! I was seen by a farmer, who started a hullabaloo.

Next day as I went for my breakfast 'I fancied the ear off a ewe',

Well such a crowd of police and reporters 'one could hardly believe the to-do',

As you know this was just the beginning I was harried by air and by land,

I was chased to the bridge at 'Burn Gushey' by men in a white Transit van.

To elude these intrepid intruders, I thought, I'll visit my cousin in Clare,

In my haste I forgot 'was I in for a shock' t‚was the week of the Oul Lammas Fair,

The tailback it stretched to Moyarget this spoiled my weekend by the sea,

And as I went for a rest in Clare forest some-one took a photo of me.

Now, this when it got to the news-desk it started the cat-hunt anew,

Some folk just kept 'mum' some said, "can't be done" and decided of 'me' there is two,

The experts they said, 'most unlikely' for a 'moggy' now 'that's quite a hike',

But in you I'll confide, I come from a pride, of Pumas who ride motor bikes.

Will you please spare a thought for the Puma, do not sit in judgement in haste,

Although a chewer of ears, I did not wish to be here, and for mutton I've quite lost my taste

As I write from this secret location I know I might sound a 'right prat',

But to avoid confrontation and my own ruination, I am one vegetarian cat.

"Moggus Garrybogus"