Traders operating without licenses - Councillor McAfee

A Ballymoney councillor has claimed that there are far too many unlicensed street traders operating in Ballymoney.

Councillor Roma McAfee made the claim at the monthly meeting of the Borough Council during renewal applications by a number of legitimate traders.

The Independent representative said she had been approached by a number of people who were operating within the law but whose business was being seriously affected by others operating without licenses.

“Legitimate traders are losing out and their business is suffering,” the councillor said, before urging the council to act on the matter.

Council officer, Mr. John Michael, said the way his department currently operated was acceptable to council.

“We simply do not have the budgetary provision to engage staff in working overtime three times a week from May to September,” he said.

Mr. Michael suggested that the council discuss the matter in committee for a possible change of policy which would be the way to move forward.