Townland names erected

SOME three years ago the Giant’s Causeway Community Association decided that the new road signs, which included the local Ulster Scots

naming, should be complemented by signage indicating the local townland names.

The names would not have great meaning to visitors so the association wished to have a translation available which could illuminate further the meanings that most locals know about.

To ensure the veracity of these meanings extensive research took place in historic documents the libraries local knowledge and academic comment

from Dr Kay Muhr from the Ulster Placenames project. The signage leaflets were made possible by funding from the Rural Development Program.

The Association would like to thank all of the local landowners who gave permission for signage to be erected in the appropriate position within

the townland; to Holly Pape who provided the townland map on the leaflet and to Hugh McCurdy, Willie McNeill and Sandra Hunter who erected the signs in their final position.

The Association would also like to thank the NEELB for the use of the Causeway School for the launch.

The leaflet will be circulated to locals. They will also be available in Libraries and tourist information centres. Copies can be obtained via