Tough times talk

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Tough Times ...... Great God. This is the theme for three meetings that Pastor Val English will be speaking at in Kilraughts Reformed Presbyterian Church on Tues 20th, Wed 21st and Thurs 22nd November at 8pm.

Many of us are facing tough times these days. What we face varies from person to person, but most folk are finding life much more of a challenge now than was the case a few years ago. The things in life that used to seem so reliable do not seem at all reliable any more. We have struggles in the present and we have fears for the future. Maybe there is something we can learn from people who have faced such times in the past. Pastor Val English is convinced that this is the case.

He will be speaking over three nights on the hope-giving words of people who lived long ago in very tough times and who have written down for the generations that followed them what it was that helped them pull through and thrive. Maybe these are the very words that will help you do the same in your day. Each night there will be a bookstall available with books for sale that may offer some ongoing help. Everyone will be very welcome.

Pastor Val English was formerly the minister in Portstewart Baptist Church. He is now retired and he and his wife live in Ballymoney.