Tommy Cecil Rathlin artefacts ‘should be seen’ - Cllr Baird

CLLR Joan Baird has explained why she wants to see artefacts collected by the late Tommy Cecil of Rathlin Island displayed for all to see.

The councillor told the Times: “I had the pleasure of introducing Jonathan Shackleton to the Rathlin Community when he arrived on the Island and was opening the Maritime History display at the Parish Hall. Jonathan is a cousin of the famous Sir Ernest Shackleton of Antarctic fame and he travels to Antarctic himself to study the flora of the area.

“The exhibition, which was collected by the late Tommy Cecil, covers several centuries of wrecks around Rathlin and is unique to this area. Most of the artefacts were recovered by Tommy Cecil during deep sea diving which was a dangerous past time and sadly cost Tommy his life in the end.

“I have asked Council to ensure that this amazing collection from the Deep is maintained and displayed for all to see. It is an important part of the heritage of Rathlin and indeed this part of the North Atlantic and I am certain many would visit the Island to view such a varied and unique collection. This is a lasting legacy to Tommy Cecil and I would thank his family for kindly sharing it with us.”