Toddler ‘could have been killed’

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A TWO-YEAR-OLD girl could have been killed after picking up a packet of suspected rat poison while playing, it has been claimed.

Julie Wright says her cousin’s youngster came into her home at Robinson Avenue, Ballymoney last Thursday clutching a mystery package containing small green pellets which she had found in the back garden of the property.

Julie took the package to a local vet on Thursday evening who said they believed it to be rat poison although tests have yet to be carried out to confirm this.

Animal-lover Julie - who has four cats - said it may have been tossed over her back fence in an attempt to kill her pets.

“Thankfully the wee girl is alright,” she told the Times.

“She had been playing out the back when she discovered it and brought it up in.

“She said she thought they were sweeties. It could have killed her.”

Julie said no-one has ever complained about her cats although a neighbour’s pet was allegedly targeted in a poisoning incident recently.

She slammed the culprit behind the apparent poisoning attempt on her pets at her property as “totally irresponsible” and said it could have led to the death of the little girl.

“No-one has ever said anything about the cats in over three years since I got them,” said Julie.

“They are doctored which deters them from straying and causing a nuisance.

“If someone does have a problem with them they should have come to me.

“This could have been a tragedy.

“The wee girl was up seeing her granny.

“I am totally shocked how someone could do something so totally irresponsible.

“I didn’t sleep last night, I couldn’t believe it.

“Just what sort of people are there in society these days?

“What is going through their heads?”

Julie handed over the package to the police who are investigating the incident.

It will be sent off for forensic analysis.