To give way or not to give way!

Concerns have been raised by many about the lack of road markings giving cleare guidance for drivers near Ballymoney Town Hall, writes Carla Speer.

Motorists driving throught that part of the town say they are bewildered about the junction at High Street and Townhead Street which merges on to Townhead Street leading to the popular car park and Dalriada School.

When traffic links up from Townhead Street and drivers are planning to go onto High Street there is a great deal of uncertainty as to who has the right of way.

Normally, there isn’t a problem, but the Times has been asked to clarify the matter given some minor confrontations.

There are no road markings to suggest who has the right of way.

So, for many drivers, particularly with children back to school, there are some problems with the route.

The road tends to be busy in the mornings with children on their way to school, and many local workers wanting to park their car at the nearby car park.

With traffic coming from two different directions on this busy morning commute, who has the right of way?

The Times contacted the Roads Service press office and this is what they had to say on the matter:

“The present layout of this junction allows traffic approaching from either direction on High Street to merge into Townhead street.

“Roads Service is not aware of any problems with this system, but will examine if the provision of additional roadmarkings or traffic signs might help address any concerns about who actually has the right of way.”

An anonymous reader would like see some road markings or road signs to clearly identify who exactly has the right of way at the Town Hall and clear up any confusion about the matter.