Times ‘Facebookers’ support Causeway School

FOLLOWERS of the Ballymoney and Moyle Times’ Facebook page have been quick to react to the news that the Causeway School faces closure.

The Causeway School opened originally in 1915 and was built by the MacNaughten family in memory of Lord Edward McNaughten.

The last pupils left the school in 1962, when the building sadly fell into disrepair, although the school would go on to be re-opened in the late 1980s.

Since then thousands of school children have had the opportunity to learn about the history of the school, in light of the North Eastern Education and Library Board being given the building in trust by the McNaughten family.

So, we asked our readers: The Causeway School - Is it a vital piece of our history and education or an unaffordable luxury for our school pupils?

One reader said: “If we have money for a golf course, then we should have money to educate our children at The Causeway School”.

Another commented: “Hope The National Trust don’t get it...”

“I think it is a vital piece of our history,” added another. “School children loved their visit to the Causeway school and it would be a shame if it was to close. If children are coming home from school telling their parents what a great day they had at the Causeway Cchool and what they learned ,then I don’t count this as an unaffordable luxury.”

“A valuable resource” was on description of the site while another ‘Facebooker’ adde: “Very sad! Excellent for pupils to learn about history in a fun way and now it’s to be closed!! Pity!”