Times article ‘saved me from cyber criminals’ says Ballymoney woman

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A WOMAN in her 60s says an article in the Ballymoney Times last week prevented her from falling foul of what she believed were cyber criminals.

Last week we carried a story about a Dunloy man who received a phone call from a person purporting to be from a well-known software firm and after he gave out details the next day he noticed the cursor moving around his screen under the power of somebody else!

The man advised people to be cautious and said if people were in doubt about who they are dealing with they should put the phone down.

This week a woman in her 60s, who didn’t want to be named but who has an address in Ballymoney, told the Times: “I received a phone call from a person who said they represented a well known name in the computer world - the same one as mentioned in your article last week - and that I had a virus on my computer but because of your story I immediately put the phone down, so thanks to that man and also the Ballymoney Times for the heads-up”.