Time to talk about drinking ...

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ALCOHOL Awareness Week 2012 runs from 19th – 25th November and this year the theme is ‘it’s time to talk about drinking’.

With this in mind Moyle Policing and Community safety Partnership (PCSP) in partnership with NHSCT’s Community Support Project are distributing the ‘My name is Katie’ resources to parents and carers through primary schools in the Moyle District.

‘My name is Katie’ is an early intervention project in respect of alcohol misuse and tarfets parents & carers of Key Stage 2 children. It aims to raise awareness of parent/carer influence in respect of children’s attitudes and experiences of alcohol and provides you with useful information, support and advice. The resource leaflet will be distributed to parent/carers of primary 7 pupils throughout alcohol awareness week.

Speaking about the project at its launch last year the then Chief Executive of Drinkaware Chris Sorek said: “While it might be tempting for parents to delay speaking to their children about alcohol until they are older and more mature, we know opening a dialogue in their pre-teen years is crucial to delaying the age of first drink. We recommend parents start the conversation with their children when they are most receptive and before the teen years when increased peer pressure kicks in.

“Parents may not think their children would want to talk to them about alcohol, but 75% want to. Research shows children see their parents as role models and trusted sources of advice.

“Drinkaware provides facts and age appropriate advice to help parents speak confidently to their children about alcohol.  We’re delighted the partnership approached us to support its ‘Katie’ initiative as we know the later a child drinks, the less likely they are to binge drink or have problems with alcohol later in life.”

Bridgeen Butler, Manager of Moyle PCSP, added: “It is hoped that ‘My Name is Katie’ will provide much needed support and advice for parents and carers in respect of appropriate communication with young children around alcohol.”