Time to relegate illegal dumping to the dustbin - McKillop

At a recent meeting of Moyle District Council, TUV councillor Sharon McKillop proposed that the council needs to radically diminish levels of illegal dumping.

Cllr McKillop proposed the council consider providing a free trailer-disposal service to all people over the age of 65 or in receipt of benefits.

Commenting on the proposal Cllr McKillop highlighted that the costs associated with fly-tipping are a plague to the area.

She said as a result of illegal dumping a previous clean-up of the Bushmills area cost a considerable amount to clean up.

Cllr McKillop added: “I have therefore proposed that the Council offer a free trailer-disposal service to all people over 65 and to anyone in receipt of benefits.”

Cllr McKillop thinks while people are encouraged to dispose of their rubbish in an appropriate manner, this is not the only measure required.

She added: “I have challenged the council to consider innovative solutions to further resolve the problems of illegal dumping and I am also willing to explore other measures.”

Cllr McKillop says as far as the TUV are concerned “illegal dumping not only results in costs to ratepayers, but also has an adverse impact on the environment and appearance of local areas.

“It is therefore a priority that councils act to ensure illegal dumping is literally relegated to the dustbin”.