Thompson explains switch to Sinn Fein

GLENS Moyle District Councillor, Colum Thompson, who recently switched from Independent to Sinn Fein has, this week, outlined the reasons for joining Sinn Fein.

In a statement, he said: “I stood as an Independent at the last election, however my time as a councilor could, up until now, be described as isolated and frustrating.

“I had asked for several meetings with different ministers to discuss a range of issues which were having a direct effect on the people in The Glens however my requests often fell on deaf ears.

“I felt as if I was making a lot of noise but at a higher level no one was listening. Through time I found that my politics, ideas and policies were very similar to that of Sinn Fein’s and I decided to apply for membership of the party.

“I made my decision in the best interests of the local community and I believe that being part of a strong, vibrant and growing political party I am now best placed to aid and assist in delivering improved facilities and services for the people of The Glens.”