Thompson backs closure plans for Cushendall PSNI station

GLENS Councillor, Colum Thompson, says he supports the proposal to close Cushendall PSNI station. At the moment the station is only operating part time and Cllr. Thompson claims it is a “poor use of public funds to continue to keep the facility open.”

In a statement, the Independent representative said: “I understand a large amount of money will be saved each year if the station was to close, however I would like to see the money that is saved reallocated to help in the fight against rural crime.

“If this is to be merely a cost cutting exercise then it has little consequence to most people in The Glens. As we all know the theft of valuable metals such as copper and lead, as well as oil thefts are all on the increase.

“The Glens has also had a problem with nuisance drivers and boy racers for a number of years. Parents and community activists are also worried by the amount of illegal drugs which are being used in the area.

“The PSNI must use the money which it saves through the closure of the Cushendall station to further build their operations against these types of crime.

“This money must also be used to ensure The Glens has a police presence when it is needed, for example, the problem of nuisance drivers and boy racers is a late night, weekend issue.

“Therefore we need a regular police presence at these times if we are ever to put a stop to the problem.

“I will be highlighting these issues during the consultation process and if anyone has any other issues or opinions on the matter then please get in contact with me by phone 07541115105 or by e-mail”