Thompson airs Glenariffe concerns

GLENS Sinn Fein councillor Colum Thompson has asked Roads Service and Northern Ireland Water to investigate their pipe work in Glenvale in Glenariffe.

Councillor Thompson said: “On several occasions over the past year I have received complaints from residents of Glenvale about the smell and blockages in sewer pipes and storm drains in the area. Each time I contact Road Service and Northern Ireland Water they do come and clean up the area but any time we have warm weather the bad smell returns and every time we have heavy rain the storm drains seem to get blocked and water is unable to get away.

“It has happened regularly over the past twelve months which would indicate an underlying issue with the pipe work. I have asked both Roads Service and N.I. Water to carry out an inspection to see if the root cause of the problem can be found. It is having a detrimental effect on residents who cannot come outside in good weather and who’s gardens and property are effected when heavy rainfall cannot escape through the storm drains.”