'The Voyage that shook the world'

ON Thursday, June 18 the new and much talked about documentary, "The Voyage that Shook the World" will be released for public viewing, and will be shown in the Octagon in The University of Ulster, Coleraine at 8pm.

This professional 52-minute documentary was produced by CMI (Creation Ministries International – www.creation.com) to mark the Charles Darwin anniversaries (of both his birth and book) and retraces Darwin's voyage on HMS Beagle. CMI is a non-profit organization comprised of people who are both Christians and scientists committed to explaining that Christian belief is not divorced from scientific discovery.

Stunning footage of the Galapagos Islands - The documentary features stunning nature-footage shot by the CMI film crew at many of the sites Darwin himself visited, including the famous Galpagos Islands. There are period drama re-enactments and interviews with evolutionist experts, as well as with scientists from both creationist and Intelligent Design (ID) camps. University professors interviewed include those from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Maryland, Alberta, Illinois, Bristol, Queen's University's Peter Bowler and the Head of Research at the Charles Darwin Research Station, Galpagos.

Appraising the evidence intelligently - The documentary is a well-balanced appraisal of the various scientific views regarding the "Origin of Species" and takes the viewer on a thinking-person's voyage that should make them better qualified to judge whether or not Darwin's theory of evolution has resolved the issues. For more information or to see the official trailer for the documentary go to www.theVoyage.tv.

Public screening in Coleraine - One of the first public screenings of this exciting documentary will take place on the 18th June in the Octagon theatre at the University of Ulster, Coleraine at 8p.m. There will be no charge for admission. This is an excellent opportunity to explore a considered and scientific appraisal of Darwin from the Christian perspective. There will also be opportunities to discuss the issues with the CMI staff afterwards and ask questions.

Respect and an absence of propaganda - The film has recently been reviewed by Dr Ted Baehr, who describes it as follows:

"Not a hatchet job or propaganda piece, it presents Darwin's story through the eyes of professors and others who admire the man. … presents his humanist, anti-Christian views with dignity and respect, but in the process reveals the flaws, confusion and falsehoods of his theories."