The signs they are a-changin’

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Come April 1st, it will be all change on the roads around the north coast as the current Borough boundaries disappear.

Existing road signs welcoming motorists to the boroughs of Ballymoney, Limavady, Moyle and Coleraine will be taken down to be replaced with a new sign as you enter the new Causeway Coast and Glens District Council area.

In the absence of an outcome to the Borough status application process, Elected Members to the new shadow council were asked to consider an interim signage arrangement at a meeting on January 15th.

It was proposed that all existing road signs relating to the four ‘Legacy Councils’ are removed as soon as possible after 1st April 2015.

These will be replaced with temporary branded signs on the eight A Road boundary entry points:

Glenravel Road,

Clooney Road,

Glenshane Road,

Garvagh Road,

Frosses Road,

Foreglen Road,

Garron Road

Moneygran Road - using the existing signage frameworks.

It was also proposed that temporary replacements signs are erected at the four Legacy Council Headquarters - Riada House in Ballymoney, Sheskburn House in Ballycastle, Cloonavin in Coleraine and Limavady Council.

The new temporary signs will be designed to either attach to existing frameworks or cover over existing signs, specifically in the case of the Ballymoney Borough Council sign that is set in stonework.

It was proposed by Councillor Barney Fitzpatrick, seconded Councillor Tom McKeown and agreed.

Ballymoney Councillor Ian Stevenson, however, recorded his concern at proceeding with the erection of temporary signage.

The new Causeway Coast and Glens District Council are also required to develop a new Council brand.

At 28th August 2014 Shadow Council meeting, it was agreed that the “Council adopts the process for applying to continue an existing Borough status for the new Council”.

The implication of this approach is the delay in time before the process can be completed. It is therefore prudent to agree an interim branding arrangement for the new Council.

Throughout the term of the Statutory Transition Committee and Shadow Council period to date, the header on official paper has been presented in blue lettering in Arial font.

As an interim measure, it was proposed that Elected Members consider a similar branding approach.

It was proposed by Councillor Norman Hillis, seconded by Councillor Phillip McGuigan that the Causeway Coast and Glens District Council approve blue lettering on a white background, to review in twelve months from 1st April 2015.