The Scenic Inn gets in on the horseshoe craze

HORSESHOE throwing has been around for scores of years and most will accept that it’s a sport dominated by males. However, that isn’t the case at a local pub where customers and management believe more in the mixed singles approach.

The Scenic Inn, near Armoy, has taken up the pastime with some enthusiasm and the clink of iron on iron is almost a nightly occurrence with the boss herself joining in!

Shirley McKinley was coaxed to take part by her customers and not only did she surprise herself but others by registering a victory over a more fancied male opponent.

The Scenic now want to see horseshoe throwing on an organised basis and there’s plenty of enthusiasts around to make that happen.

Mosside and Stranocum are two of the villages who have embraced the sport more so than other areas, both regularly holding competitions with entries from as far as Limavady, Magilligan and Coleraine.

The Mosside Clodders Club is run by Daniel Simpson who says they will gladly help back the efforts of the Scenic to give the game wider publicity.

Tom Christie, one of the newcomers, told the Times: “It all started out as a bit of fun and it stays that way, but Shirley and the rest of us would like to stage a competition. She has even promised to put on a barbecue for everyone to make it all the more enjoyable.”

This is the height of the horseshoe throwing season with weekly competitions both locally and elsewhere which culminate a celebration dinner in which a nominated charity benefits from donations throughout the competitions.

Last week, Stranocum staged an event to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee which was won by Alastair McCrellis, but so far this year, William Culbertson has dominated, triumphing on two occasions.

Events normally attract into the teens of players and the skills of some of those taking part not only natural ability, but years of practice.

Some at the Scenic Inn might have a bit to do to match others, but it’s the fun and the crack of the games that is seen as the big attraction.