The Killers call into Bushmills and enjoy a whiskey ice cream

BUSHMILLS got a shock last week when two members of the American rock band The Killers popped in to say hello.

Manager Robert Reynolds and drummer Ronnie Vannucci not only visited the famous Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills Distillery and Railway last Wednesday but also had a walk around the village calling into Sammy’s Paper Shop for a whiskey and honey ice cream.

The band, famous for songs including Mr Brightside, Human, Somebody Told Me and All These Things That I’ve Done, were in the north coast before performing in Belfast at Tennents Vital the next day (Thursday).

One of the star struck shop assistants from Sammy’s, Megan McLaughlin explained: “I was just working away in my Dad’s shop last Wednesday when I saw Ronnie from The Killers stood outside the door looking at the board advertising our whiskey and honey ice cream. I had already read on Facebook that members of the band were in Bushmills but I never dreamt that they would come anywhere near the shop.

“When they came in, they were cool and casual and didn’t really say much. The manager ordered one of our famous whiskey and honey ice creams and then Ronnie decided to have one to. The bill came to a couple of pound and they tried to pay with a card.

“Unfortunately I had to tell them we don’t take cards. They said it was no problem and they’d go to the bank machine. I was totally star struck and said it was ok, they could have them - my treat.”

However to say thank you, the manager offered to put Megan and the other shop assistant, Rhonda, on the guest list of the Tennents Vital concert, which they were headlining.

Megan continued: “The manager really appreciated it and said he’d put us on the guest list and Ronnie agreed. They contacted a lady called Anna Howard and asked her to put us on.

“We just couldn’t believe it as I’m a big Killers fan. I pretended to be calm but I was dying inside. I then asked if I could have a picture taken with Ronnie and he agreed.”

Speaking after the Belfast concert, Megan added: “We had an absolutely great time, the Killers were brilliant. Unfortunately we didn’t get to speak to Ronnie or another member of the band, but the fact that we were there on the guest list was something I will never forget.

“I’m still in total shock about the whole thing and keep thinking someone is going to wake me up from a fantastic dream.”