The impact of World War One on Dervock

Dervock and District Community Association are in the process of compiling a book that records the impact that WWI visited upon Dervock and the local community.

Frankie Cunningham chairperson added: “This publication will document the village pre-WWI, the families, the history of the Poppy, the rationale behind the building of a War Memorial Institute Hall, the names of the Fallen - and the subsequent impact it had on all sections of our communities.

“Based on a thesis by Norman L Richardson who wrote a paper called ‘Education for Mutual Understanding and Cultural Heritage’, we want to develop those opportunities recognised that encourages and develops knowledge of our history and culture?

“The programme of commemorative events planned to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI are as follows:

“Within the application we have selected a variety of events to encapsulate the theme and atmosphere, therefore we are holding a re-enactment working with George Logan – ‘Living History Ireland’ which includes 6 Horses, a military camp etc, personnel in North Irish Horse uniform, Swingabella and a 6 piece Jazz & Swing Band. Also the local primary school are involved,

“The Royal British Legion in partnership with Ballymoney Borough Council are restoring the existing War Memorial Garden, and as described above, there will also be a commemorative book and a bespoke medal being handed out to all the school kids in the village and surrounding area. 

“We are also involving the Ulster/Scots re traditional home cooking to add to the authenticity of the programme - subject to funding.

“Therefore, if anyone has any unique photos, letters, artefacts or memorabilia relevant to this period – and would like them published in a limited edition – then please contact Frank McLernon or myself on 028 2074 2568 or email: or if anyone would like to volunteer or put forward suggestions then please contact the ‘Community House’ on information provided.”