The deein plooman

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Noo if there is yin thing maist o is daesnae lake tae taak aboot it’s dee’n, but am afeart that’s yin thing wae a maun dae.

Sae whun A wus in this line thinkin a thocht tae maesel that A mindt o seein a wee rhyme aboot a oul boy wha wus comin tae the enn o hes deys doon here on airth.

A hoked aboot in tha pres tae a fun it. Wae tha thocht o dee’n in hes dead tha oul boy sterted tae taak tae hes guid wumman an some guid bein hes pit it doon in a wee rhyme. Noo A dinae know wha iver scrieved tha wurds but am sure he ir she wud bae mair nir plaased that it is bein gein anither wee rin oot.

Tha rhyme is aboot an oul plooman, an mine ye mae ain granfeyther on mae mithers side wus a plooman for a guid wheen o year roon aboot Benverden an as weel as that he wus guid leevin sae A hae tane a lakin tae it, onywye folks here it is. A hope ye wull aa lake it as mich as A dae.

The deein plooman

The wun is soughin sore Jean,

it’s greetin for the sna,

the grun’ll shane be fleckit Jean ,

but I wull be awa.

We neednae gar believe Jean,

thoor things we cannae hide,

I hard the knock last nicht Jean ,

I hae nae lang tae bide.

I prey’t an wrassle’t hard Jean,

but noo I maun be dumb,

His wull’s the best, mae ain wee Jean,

mae hinmaist term hae’s come .

It’s thirty years the morn Jean,

since we cam tae lairdstane,

we thocht tae lee the githerJean,

but I maun gang mae lane.

I ploo’t mae furras strecht Jean,

an tane mae turn wae a’

The maister’s kent me soopler Jean,

but wudnae turn’s awa.

God plenish weel his sowl Jean,

an keep his girnal fou’

He seys ye’ll niver want Jean

the mair I’m tane fae you,

He wun is soughin waur Jean,

it’s greetin for the sna’

an I am gyely dane Jean,

an shane I’ll be awa.

Gee is yer grip mae ain wee Jean,

I’m at mae hinmaist mile,

I’ll need but yin mair lift Jean,

oot ower the hinmaist stile.

Tae tha nixt mine an kep it Ullans

Tha Poocher October 2013