Taxing times for motorists with personalised plates

John Dallat
John Dallat

Several hundred car owners with ‘personalised’ number plates are being turned away from post offices because the computer system is still not set up to deal with customers who have bought registration numbers that originated in Britain, it’s been claimed.

SDLP Assembly Member John Dallat who campaigned to save the DVA jobs in Coleraine said: “Drivers on this side of the pond were promised a seamless transfer of functions after the DVA centre closed in Coleraine yet we find that a very basic service cannot be delivered and the data has to be processed manually in Swansea.

‘In the meantime I have been advised to tell drivers that they can continue using their vehicles on the public road without fear of penalties.

‘I am sure if you were a former DVA worker you would say ‘Didn’t I tell you so!’

“For those with the personalised number plates they have the dubious pleasure of driving without road tax but I am not sure that they have told the clampers this.’