Taxi drivers are urged to embrace changes

SINN Féin councillor Cathal McLaughlin has called on taxi drivers across North Antrim to ensure they are up to speed with recent changes regarding Taxi Operator Licenses.

Mr McLaughlin highlighted the importance of local drivers accessing the license which will become a legal requirement from September 1st 2012.

Cllr McLaughlin said: “From September 2012, any person or organisation providing a taxi service must hold a taxi operating license. This means all taxi firms will have to become a licensed taxi operator and obtain a license.

“Likewise all taxi drivers will have to become an affiliated driver to a licensed taxi operator or apply alternatively for their own license.

Applications for the license can be made from September 1st and drivers and firms will have the choice of a one, three or five year license. I am pleased to learn that applications made between September and October 2012, will be given a temporary license until a decision is taken on their application. This means drivers can continue to drive legally and contribute a much needed service to the local area”

Cllr McLaughlin concluded by saying; “I would stress however that if applications are received after October, the applicant will have to cease operation until receiving their operating licence.

“It is therefore extremely important that all local operators make their application as soon as the September to October window opens.”