Tasty big breakfast at the Church of God

THE aroma of tempting cuisine wafted from the kitchen at Ballymoney Church of God as their Catering Team prepared a great feast for the ‘Men’s Big Breakfast’

Men of all ages and backgrounds gathered in The Fellowship Hall which had been given a makeover especially for the occasion.

During the morning they enjoyed a very tasty (free!!) ‘Big Breakfast’, anointed worship, good fun, fellowship and laughter.

Special guest Pastor Bruno Kondabéka (originally from the Congo), a very enthusiastic speaker, brought a message to challenge and empower lives.

Over the past few years Men’s Big Breakfast has proved to be very popular attracting men from all walks of life and this year was no exception. Many visitors commented on the warmth of welcome they received and on how much they enjoyed the special event.

Meanwhile the sound of laughter echoed around the Garryduff Road on Saturday afternoon as many people came along to enjoy a Spring Fair and Second Birthday Party at Happy Days Community Childcare.

Children, parents, friends and the wider community came along to enjoy the festivities and sample the tasty home baking on offer.