‘Tales of Irish Castles’ this Sunday

Tales of Irish Castles on TV3, presenter Simon Delaney. INM25-14S
Tales of Irish Castles on TV3, presenter Simon Delaney. INM25-14S

The series premiere of ‘Tales of Irish Castles’ airs this Sunday on TV3!

This brand new six-part series, produced by Sideline for TV3 and presented by Simon Delaney, takes viewers on an educational journey around Ireland’s most famous castles.

Ireland has survived an 800 year-long bloody history beginning with Viking invaders, Anglo Norman settlers and later British rulers - but how many know the whole story?

Did you know that Dublin was once a walled city? Kilkenny was once the seat of government in Ireland? Soldiers in Carrickfergus Castle practiced cannibalism? Castle Leslie was due to be torched in the civil war? Trim Castle was considered the best in Europe?

Simon Delaney is available for interview on request

Tales of Irish Castles airs this Sunday 22nd June, 2014 at 6.15pm on TV3.

Tales of Irish Castles is an entertaining and engaging documentary series exploring the great stories and characters associated with the most beautiful, notorious and historical castles built across Ireland. The six shows investigate the key role that Irish castles (mostly financed by the British crown) played across the centuries and with stunning aerial footage, the series takes the audience on an incredible journey throughout the island of Ireland.

Starting in the 11th century, Tales of Irish Castles documents these magnificent stone structures and the stories contained within their walls, bringing them to life through specially shot re-enactments, archive footage and contributions from Ireland’s leading historians, archaeologists, castle owners and dwellers.

The series premiere documents the political state of Ireland in the 12th Century, leading to the invasion of the Normans in 1169. The Normans introduced the concept of castle building to Ireland and before long castles began to spring up throughout the country, in particular along the more populated east coast.

Cameras gain access into St Patrick’s Hall, the most important room in Dublin Castle, where Simon Delaney notices a monumental painting on the celling of the room. Melanie Phillips, Head Guide at Dublin Castle states that this painting is the submission of the Irish Chieftains in 1169: “When they submitted to Henry II, the King of England. So you have them there lining up in front ready to hand the country over. Well it is obviously a romantic representation of what happened but within a year or two, yes, they had all submitted.”

This episode explores some of the earliest Norman castles in Ireland including Dublin Castle, Trim Castle, Carrickfergus Castle in Antrim, King John’s Castle in Limerick, which was built by the king to stop growing power of British lords and Ashford Castle in Mayo, now a 5* star hotel.

We also see exclusive home movie footage of the legendary American actor John Wayne, who stayed at Ashford Castle when he was filming John Ford’s The Quiet Man.

Other Irish Castles featured throughout the series include; Luttrellstown in Dublin, Kilkenny Castle, Dunamaise Castle in Laois, Clonony, Birr, Charleville and Leap Castles in Offaly, Cahir Castle in Tipperary, Dunluce Castle in Antrim, Aughrim Castle in Galway, Tullynally Castle in Westmeath, Castle Leslie in Monaghan, and Blarney Castle in Cork.

Tales Of Irish Castles is produced by Sideline Productions, funded by the BAI and hosted by award winning actor Simon Delaney (BBC’s The Fall and Roy; CBS’s The Good Wife’ and SKY’s Emmy Award winner Moone Boy).

Tales of Irish Castles airs this Sunday 22nd June, 2014 at 6.15pm on TV3.