Swann urges community support for Black Saturday

The community has been urged to “keep up the Jubilee and Twelfth Spirit” by a leading North Antrim Sir Knight and attend the Last Saturday Royal Black demonstration in Larne on 25 August.

The appeal has come from Mr Robin Swann MLA, the North Antrim UUP Chairman and Party Chief, who was speaking after the Institution revealed its traditional Last Saturday demonstration for County Antrim will be held in the east Antrim town of Larne.

Mr Swann will be on parade with his preceptory and is a Past Master in the Orange Order and Royal Black Institution.

In his appeal statement, Assemblyman Swann said: “The community is to be highly commended for its magnificent support of all the Queen’s Jubilee and Twelfth celebrations throughout the constituency and across the Province.

“In these challenging economic days, it was a tremendous boost for the entire community to come out and see the Queen, and well as enjoy other Jubilee events. It gave us all a ‘big lift’.

“I encourage the community to keep this terrific Jubilee Spirit which has been created and turn out again in thousands to support the various Black demonstrations, not just in County Antrim, but right across Northern Ireland.

“The Sir Knights in North Antrim are to be equally commended for organising what I am sure will be a very professional demonstration, enhancing the Order’s true Christian and family values.

“Although our Province and constituency have been battered in recent days by very severe weather, we should also pray to Almighty God for good weather for the Black Saturday demonstrations as well as for the safety of those on the march and watching.

“I also thank in advance the professionalism of the police on duty and the emergency services which will be on standby throughout the day.

“As well as the annual Black parades to come, the community is also to be thanked and praised for its support of the various Orange and Black annual divine church parades and services,” said Assemblyman Swann.