Swann thanks community for support at Orange parades

THE public has been thanked by a leading North Antrim Orangeman for their “magnificent support” of all the Orange demonstrations throughout the constituency.

The praise for both the public and the Orders has come from Mr Robin Swann MLA, the North Antrim UUP Chairman and Party Chief Whip, who was on parade with his lodge in Ballymena. Mr Swann is a Past Master in the Orange Order and Royal Black Institution.

In his statement of praise, Mr Swann said: “The community is to be highly commended for its magnificent support of all the mainstream Orange Order demonstrations throughout North Antrim, as well as the Independent Orange Institution’s demonstration.

“The organising brethren and sisters of both the mainstream Orange Order and Independent Institution are to be equally commended for hosting very professional demonstrations which enhanced both Orders’ true Christian and family values.

“We all also give thanks to Almighty God for the great weather which the Twelfth demonstrations in North Antrim enjoyed as well as for the safety of those on the march and watching.

“Praise must also be given to the professionalism of the police on duty and the emergency services which were on standby as well throughout the day. “This year’s Twelfth demonstrations across North Antrim were some of the best attended in the history of Orangeism in the constituency.

“As well as the annual Twelfth parades, the community is also to be thanked and praised for its support of the various Orange lodges and Black preceptories’ annual divine church parades and services.

“As the traditional Marching Season now switches in emphasis to activities organized by the Royal Black Institution, I call on the community to continue this magnificent support at church services and especially at the county demonstrations during Black Saturday next month,” said Assemblyman Swann.