Swann: Join oil buying clubs

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Mr Robin Swann MLA, the North Antrim Ulster Unionist Westminster candidate and Chairman of the Stormont Employment and Learning Committee, has called on communities throughout the constituency to get involved with oil buying clubs “as a means of saving on energy bills and beating the heat or eat crisis”.

Assemblyman Swann, who is also UUP Chief Whip and North Antrim UUP Chairman, issued his appeal to all areas of the constituency as he encouraged other communities to follow the “tremendous examples” of Kells and Connor, Broughshane and Glenravel who already have oil clubs in operation.

Mr Swann said: “These oil clubs will enable people to cut their energy bills, especially if the weather forecasters are correct and an exceptionally cold winter is pending. Bryson Energy recently secured a Housing Executive tender to establish and deliver oil buying clubs throughout Northern Ireland.

“Bryson Energy is hoping to garner political and community support to help it deliver on the scheme targets, which include setting up and running 27 oil clubs throughout Northern Ireland over the next three years, as well as setting up 12 in the northern region of the Province.

“Bryson Energy hopes to grow membership in all the 27 clubs to 4,680 members, which is around 170 members per club in Northern and Southern regions by the end of the three years.

“The main benefits of constituents joining such clubs is that they order oil on behalf of the clubs on a monthly basis.

“This willachieve savings of 7% or more on the average cost of 500 litres as shown on the Consumer Council oil price comparison tables at the times of monthly oil club purchases.

“This scheme will also be of tremendous benefit as well to the elderly and families living on or below the poverty line. Hopefully, these clubs will also be able to tackle the social crisis of families and individuals having to choose between using their budgets to either eat or heat their homes, known as the heat or eat crisis,” said Assemblyman Swann.