Swann issues fresh warning about lignite

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MLA Robin Swann has issued a stark warning about the threat lignite mining in the constituency

He said: “It hasn’t gone away, you know.

Mr Swann said in a statement: “The proposed planning laws allow for the development of an area with economic potential and my main concern is that lignite mining may fall under this criteria.

“ I asked the Minister of the Environment, notwithstanding any current environmental preclusions, whether an area that would enable the mining of lignite would be considered an economically significant site as a source of fuel.

“The Minister replied saying the application would be subject to a comprehensive assessment of its environmental and social impacts, in the context of our environmental policies and obligations, as well as the economic implications of any such proposed development.

Mr Swann said he wanted the community to know he has given his total commitment to oppose lignite mining.

His views are understood to be shared by the majority community in North Antrim.