Swann is Chief Whip

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ROBIN Swann, the North Antrim Ulster Unionist Party Assemblyman and member of the Stormont Culture and Agriculture Committees, has been promoted to the prestigious post of Chief Whip of the Assembly Group.

Assemblyman Swann, who is also North Antrim UUP Chairman, was promoted by recently-elected leader Mike Nesbitt MLA as part of his first leadership team.

Mr Swann had served as Deputy Chief Whip under previous UUP leader Tom Elliott.

Announcing the promotion, Mr Nesbitt said: “Robin brings a wealth of experience to the post of Chief Whip, having already served as a deputy whip.

“He also has the tremendous expertise from previous roles as President of the Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster and Chairman of the Rural Youth Europe organisation.”

Commenting on his promotion, Mr Swann said: “I am both humbled and honoured that Mike has chosen me for this position and I thank him for his confidence in me.

“Just as I did with the post of deputy whip, and in my current posts, I aim to give this prestigious party job 100 per cent commitment.

“Mike has visited North Antrim on a number of occasions for fund-raising events, and I am sure that excellent relationship will continue now that he is party leader.”

Assemblyman Swann’s appointment is the second time North Antrim has held the Party Chief Whip’s position.

Mr Swann’s predecessor as MLA, Rev Dr Robert Coulter MBE, was UUP Chief Whip in the Northern Ireland Forum for Political Dialogue in the late 1990s.