Swann cries ‘foul’ over dog dirt pitches

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Mr Robin Swann, the Ulster Unionist Party Assembly candidate for North Antrim, has cried ‘foul’ over the problem of dog dirt in the constituency.

Mr Swann has warned that “urgent action needs to be taken to combat the problem of dog fouling before it becomes a serious health crisis in the constituency”.

Mr Swann, the UUP Chief Whip and North Antrim UUP Chairman, issued his appeal after raising concerns about level of dog fouling across North Antrim.

Mr Swann said: “Frustration has been especially felt by members of local football teams, who prior to any match, have to check their pitches for dog dirt because it can present a significant health hazard.

“Following my commitment not to erect election posters until closer to election day and then only at approaches to polling stations, I warmly welcome the erection of a number of signs at Kells football field urging people not to let their dogs foul on the pitches.

“I have also had similar reports of dog fouling at Connor cemetery and would ask that owners keep their dogs under control.

“I’m well aware that dogs can’t read so I’m asking their owners to take notice of these signs and respect the pitches and also to clean up after their pets, no matter where they are,” said Mr Swann.