Swann condemns ‘sickening sectarian vandalism’

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MR ROBIN Swann MLA, the North Antrim Ulster Unionist Party Assembly member and Chairman of the Stormont Employment and Learning Committee, has wholeheartedly condemned what he branded as “the sickening sectarian vandalism” of the recent graffiti attack on Rasharkin Orange Hall.

Assemblyman Swann, the UUP Chief Whip and himself a Past Master in the Loyal Orders, added: “I wholeheartedly condemn this latest blatant attempt to stir up sectarian tensions in Rasharkin as the village’s Orange Hall has suffered yet another graffiti attack.

“I appeal to anyone in the community who has information concerning this atrocious attack to report that information to the police as soon as possible.

“It is abundantly clear these so-called ‘brave’ individuals who carried out this vandalism in Rasharkin were obviously inspired by the earlier Strawletterdallon Orange Hall attacks in Co Tyrone.

“The naked sectarian graffiti on the Rasharkin Orange Hall attack made reference to the Easter rebellion of 1916. It is clear a section of the republican community has learned nothing from the past and is clearly trapped in a timewarp.

“I appeal to the entire community as we near the start of this year’s traditional marching season not to allow an irrelevant minority of vandals wreck harmony in the constituency or rise to the bait of retaliation,” said Assemblyman Swann.