Swann calls for action against ‘Donut Dunces’

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Robin Swann, the North Antrim Ulster Unionist Party Assemblyman has called on the Justice Minister to provide the police with whatever resources they need to “effectively combat the yob activity of donut dunces where young people use their cars to stir up anti-social behaviour”.

Mr. Swann was speaking after a senior police officer warned about the ‘donuting’ craze by so-called boy racers causing havoc in Armoy village.

These boy racers, whom Assemblyman Swann has dubbed the ‘donut dunces’, have been doing handbrake turns at junctions and right outside residents’ front doors for the past several years.

Residents fear someone will be killed or injured unless they stop, said the MLA. He added: “The police must be given whatever resources they require to tackle the problem and educate young people about the dangers of ‘donuting’.

“As we’ll as speeding drivers doing handbrake turns, ‘donuting’ is where these silly, young drivers will spin the car round and round and round four or five times creating a huge screeching noise, and burning the rubber from the tyres.”

Mr Swann added: “In spite of the peace process, society is still being tortured by the curse of the yob culture’s anti-social behaviour and the Justice Minister needs to provide the police – especially those officers on the ground – with whatever resources they need to effectively combat this culture.

“I want the police provided with whatever resources they need to drive these donut dunces off the road completely before these yobs either kills local residents, or kill themselves.

“The North Antrim law-abiding community needs to feel safe in their homes and not be constantly worried or bothered by this type of yob behaviour.

“I will raise this issue with the Justice Minister in what I hope will be a very positive step forward in the battle against the yob culture, bearing in mind a number of incidents which have occurred in the North Antrim constituency,” said Assemblyman Swann.