Suspected defected cars in Moyle

Police in Moyle, working alongside members of the Driver Vehicle Testing Agency (DVTA), examined a number of vehicles last Sunday (22nd July) in relation to suspected defected cars.

Twelve vehicles were examined by officers, resulting in eleven cars detected as being unworthy for road use. Three of the cars have been subsequently reported for prosecution by the local Neighbourhood Policing Team for driving in dangerous conditions, and two vehicles have been reported to HM Revenues and Customs for illegal fuel use.

Area Commander Chief Inspector Brenda Cairns said :”This was a very successful operation relating to a major concern for the local community. Modified and defective vehicles not only contribute to antisocial behaviour and often criminal damage in the area, but these vehicles are not deemed suitable to be used on a road and are also putting the drivers and other road users in danger .

“Officers from the Ballycastle and Cushendall Neighbourhood Policing Team have listened to the local community and carried out a very positive proactive policing operation. A significant number of cars causing nuisance and involved in dangerous driving have been removed from the road.

“Police will continue to target those intent on committing motoring offences and causing nuisance in the Moyle area. Anyone who continues to drive defective vehicles, that are not suitable for road use will be apprehended and recommended for prosecution.”